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If you are a victim or survivor of Domestic (DV) or Intimate Partner violence (IPV) This House Has a Door can assist you in getting out of a life of hurt and danger into a safe place.  This site will provide -  

Survivors Out Loud (S.O.L)

The trauma and shame related to sexual abuse affects 1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males. Many lack full self - expression connectedness or a sense of trust and safety.  

Tanya Evans,  Survivor and Founder of Survivors Out Loud : Self Expression, (S.O.L.) is launching a community forum by survivors of sexual abuse and their supporters using their choice of art form as a vehicle for self - expression, healing, community building and healthier families.  Out of an abundance of caution to the health and safety of all, and the adherence of preventive measures of spreading the current Coronavirus the May 14, 2020 event has been canceled.  But there is a way you can participate in the continued work of healing.  Donate to CONNECT a nonprofit organization  who have collaborated with S.O.L. and their mission is to eliminate domestic and gender violence.   Click below to donate and learn more!  Thank you!

Am I Really Abused?

Could I be overreacting?  Didn't I deserve it?  Doesn't she love me?  Why does she take all my money?  He won't let me call my friends......  

Are there answers?  Click here

ON this site's following pages, we will address those questions.

If you are in immediate danger, Call 911.  You will be assisted.

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My House is Scary

We believe every house should be a "home".  It should have a door that opens to safety and when it closes there is peace. No one should be afraid at home. 

Loved Ones Can Hurt Too

The acts of domestic abuse breaks the ties that keep a family together.  It causes unhappiness and distrust. 

Intimate Relationships 

There are many different types of human relationships.  We are boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, husbands, wives, parents, children - but violence should not be a part of it.  


Domestic Violence injures the entire human community.  

This House Has a Door, Inc.

501 (c) (3) organization 

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