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What does Domestic/Intimate Violence look like?

Someone Who Abuses may slap, punch, pinch, shove or choke and say they are doing it because you deserve it.  The abuser controls your money and steals your possessions, telling you what is yours is theirs or you are not smart enough to handle your money. Very often an abuser will tell you not to be around or visit your friends or family.  They try to control who and when you talk to people.  Someone who abuses makes you perform sexual acts against your will and tells you to do it because you love them.  They use your religion to support their abuse telling you to be obedient and loyal as their spouse or child.  These are not the only ways that an abuser will use to threaten and control.  Their behavior towards you can make you feel there is no way out. 

 But there is click here for helpful services 

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