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Make a Safety Plan 

Trust Your Instincts

As a victim of intimate violence, very often you know the signs of when an abuser is going to harm you.  They are close to you and you know their habits.   Trust your instincts.   If you can safely leave immediately, GO!  But if not - you can start with a safety plan.  Think it through.  Having a plan in place can save you and your loved ones.    Keep in mind you can always go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital.  There are trained staff to assist you in your crisis.  

Items To Have Handy

A "Getaway Bag" should be a bag easily carried - maybe a knapsack.  It should be placed in a safe but convenient place to grab and go.  

Here are suggested items to include:

Extra Keys - House, car, and safety deposit box

Emergency funds - Cash for carfare, three days of meals, credit card

Clothing - Change of undergarments, socks and sweaters

Medicine - Prescription drugs and bottled water 

Important Documents - Order of protection (if that applies to you) birth certificate, social security card, passport, health insurance cards, written numbers of doctors and friends.

Extras - Money, toys and books for your children 

Where do I go?  Who should I call?    Here's suggestions

In Times of Crisis


1.  If you know an argument is going to start, move away from areas of the house that could be dangerous, like the kitchen.

 2.  Tell a trusted friend or relative a code word to let them know to call the police.  


  • Go! And call the police.
  • Go! To the nearest hospital emergency room and tell them you are being abused.
  • Go! To a friend or relative the abuser does not know.
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