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  Domestic Violence causes

Mistreatment of others. There are countless ways that people every day are abused in their homes and in relationships.  It doesn't matter how intelligent or physically attractive you are.  Domestic violence does not discriminate. 

Causes pain

It is the use of abusive and violent behavior among married couples and intimate partners.  Family violence can harm  the elderly and children.  It is not limited to any ethnic, cultural or income level.  

Causes isolation 

Someone experiencing intimate violence often feel alone.  Because the abuse is coming from someone they love, it is hurtful and shameful.  They may not want to tell anyone, so they keep it a secret.  

Causes destruction 

It diminishes trust and love, can ruin personal property and finances, causes physical and emotional harm and even  cause death.

Finding Safety -

The abuse can stop. You can find safety. It may take some planning - but you can do it.  Click here

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